Mind Rocking Concurrency with Kotlin Coroutines in Spring Boot

Have you struggled with the deep learning curve of Java’s concurrency abstractions such as Threads, (Completable)Futures or reactrive libraries like RxJava or Reactor? Then Kotlin’s Coroutine will be a revelation for you! In this talk we will expore Kotlin’s Coroutine and discover how you can write asynchronous, non-blocking code as if it was  synchronous, blocking code involving no library or complex concurrency abstractions at all. After having covered the basics we will discover how Coroutines seamless integrate with Spring Boot’s Reactor using many live-coded examples. Be surprised how easy it is to have asynchronous database interaction and execute remote service calls in parallel. Live performance tests will provide you detailed insights about the (impressive) improvements achieved by Coroutines at no cost in terms of complexity. Finally, we will take a look under the hood and unveil how existing concurrency abstractions like Reactor can be lifted into the Coroutine world with a few lines of code, so that you learn how to incorporate Coroutines in your own project no matter which reactive library you use.