The Java Pub Quiz – The Corona Edition

Oh yes, the one-and-only Java Pub Quiz goes digital at J-Spring 2020.

Test your knowledge about the programming language we all love: Java!

With fun and interesting questions presented in a fast-paced pub quiz style which cover a wide range of Java related subjects.

Join from your own home and make sure you have a drink within reach while playing this quiz. We’ve got cool prizes for the winning team. It will be huge fun!


The Java Pub Quiz was a huge success for four years in a row at various conferences like Devoxx Belgium and J-Fall!

In this quiz it’s all about having fun and digging in your brain to find where you stored the most obscure Java knowledge you have. We’ll present around thirty questions in quick succession and allow teams to submit answers and compete for a funny prize. As this is a pub quiz, we will make the quiz interesting by having different types of question rounds (e.g. guess the framework, picture rounds, debug this code, etc).

We’ll play music to bring attendees the real pub experience.